Did you know that there’s a way to capture more carbon per square metre than a tropical rainforest? Out on the wilds of our peat bog moorlands grows an amazing little plant called sphagnum. When sphagnum is growing healthily, this plant powerhouse takes excess carbon out of the atmosphere. Our peat bogs are the largest natural terrestrial carbon store in the world, and sphagnum has been called the most important plant on earth. 

Peat moorlands cover 15% of the UK, but many have been dug up, drained or destroyed. The Peak District moorland landscape is now the most degraded in Europe thanks to historic coal smoke pollution. 
Moors for the Future was founded in 2003 to fight back, and so far they’ve transformed over nearly 8,000 acres of peat moors across the Peak District and South Pennines. 

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The Climate Project is a campaign by the British Mountaineering Council (BMC). Find out more about the BMC at www.thebmc.co.uk

The Climate Project

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In 2020, the BMC is launching The Climate Project to support the work of Moors for the Future. We hope that other organisations in the UK outdoor industry will join us. 

It costs £25 to plant one square meter of sphagnum. You’ll be able to support The Climate Project through our travel insurance, membership, the BMC shop and individual donations: https://www.thebmc.co.uk/donate-to-act .

We are currently busy putting all of this in place, so until then, sign up as a sphagnum supporter and stay up to date with developments.