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Think of others and leave no trace

Are you planning on escaping the crowds and staying out in the wild overnight? Whether you're wild camping or vanning here are some golden rules to make sure you respect the wild.

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One poo not too bad; two poos start to stink. But it’s all too easy for the poo to pile high so you need to stop and think. Everybody has to do it, no one can argue with that, but all those places we love so much can be spoiled with too much crap. So it’s time to stop and think, about your needs and others’ wants, before you slope off behind a tree, unbuckle and drop your pants.

Go before you go. The best option is not needing the toilet at all. It’s not always possible but use the toilet before you head out.

Find a proper toilet. If you’re caught short, local hospitality (after buying something) or public toilets are the next best option.

Pack out your waste. If you can’t find a toilet, removing everything from the environment and disposing of it responsibly is best. This is easy with a commercially available toilet kit/wag bag, or make your own using sturdy zip lock bags, cat litter (optional), toilet paper and alcohol gel.

Last resort? Bury it. With no other option and only away from popular spots, burying your poo is the last resort. Dig a hole 15cm deep and replace the earth after. Remove toilet paper and sanitary products in a sturdy zip lock bag – paper dug up by animals is never a good look.

Remember that in many hotspots such as crags, summits and popular overnight or picnic spots, burying poo is not a good option. Do your bit and pack it out instead.