It’s time to Find Your Adventure

Imagine watching the sun set from the top of a sea cliff after a day’s climbing, the view from the summit of a mountain you’ve worked hard to reach, or making your morning coffee in the first rays of sunlight at a secluded camp spot.

Every adventure starts with the first step, but the great news is that once you get going on your hiking, camping, bouldering, climbing (or even mountaineering) journey then there’s a whole planet and a lifetime’s worth of experiences to explore. 

To help you find your next adventure, we’ve put together a new series of tips and advice. From getting started, ideas about what to do, how to find people to do it with and what to expect along the way, we’re here to guide you through.

And if you’re wondering how to progress to the next level then a local club could be the answer. It’s a way for like-minded people to share their adventures, with regular get togethers close to home and further afield. 

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Find Your Adventure is a campaign to help promote BMC affiliated clubs. The British Mountaineering Council (BMC) is the representative organisation for climbers and walkers in England and Wales. For clubs in Scotland here

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