To make sure that we’re in the best shape for future challenges, we’re asking all our members to vote on a new constitution.

There’s never been a better time to be a climber, hill walker or mountaineer. It’s never been easier to take part – at walls, on the rock, and in the hills and mountains.  We’ve got the most advanced kit ever and breathtaking technology.

The BMC has come a long way since 1944, when Geoffrey Winthrop Young – leading climber and president of the Alpine Club – had a vision: to create an organisation to represent all “mountaineers”.

75 years later, we’re true to his values. Our activities are constantly developing: from nurturing future talent to owning crags; from mending mountains to helping young climbers make the move outdoors.

But we’re not the same as we were in 1944, 1984, or even 2004. The world moves on and we need to move with it – to stay relevant and represent everyone with one clear voice.

Help us by voting for a new constitution. Every vote counts, as 75% of the votes need to be in favour of one option for us to move forward.  

The BMC has made its formal recommendation for Option A, and the final decision is up to you – our members.

How to vote?

This year, it’s all online. Look out for an email from the Electoral Reform Services (ERS), and make your voice heard.

What am I voting on?

We’re asking members to vote on some important changes to our constitution (the legal document that sets out what the BMC does and how it operates). These changes stem from the organisational review, and have been developed by the BMC’s National Council in consultation with membership as the best way forward for the organisation.

You can vote on two options: Option A (the formal recommendation the BMC’s National Council) or Option B (developed by a group of BMC members as their alternative. You can also vote for who you’d like to be President and Vice-President.

Elect the BMC President and Vice-President

Lynn Robinson
Candidate for BMC President

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Les Ainsworth
Candidate for BMC President

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John Roberts
Candidate for BMC Vice-President

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Come to the AGM

The 2018 BMC AGM is taking place at 1.00 pm on Saturday 16 June at the Castle Green Hotel, Castle Green Lane, Kendal, LA9 6RG

Find out more on the BMC website

The 2018 BMC AGM is taking place at 1.00 pm on Saturday 16 June at the Castle Green Hotel, Castle Green Lane, Kendal, LA9 6RG

It's time to use your online vote

There will also be elections for president and vice-president. Read about the candidates below.

Voting for option A

This is the version formally recommended by the BMC’s National Council and Board of Directors. Their view is that the BMC will be stronger and better by focusing on being an umbrella body for all mountaineers with transparent and clear governance that allows members, volunteers and staff to work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for all members. It will clarify organisational decision-making, increase transparency and ensure we comply with company law. It will put in place a high standard of organisational governance (meaning that good decisions are made by, and for, members). Together with our partners in Mountain Training and the climbing wall sector, it will ensure we remain eligible to receive government funding under the Sport England Tier 3 funding stream: the highest level of funding available to us.

Voting for option B

This revised version of the constitution has been developed by a group of BMC members as an alternative which would mean fewer changes to the way the BMC works and would retain a similar representational and decision-making structure to that which has operated within the BMC for the past 20-30 years or more. Under such a structure the BMC would no longer be eligible to apply for Tier 3 funding and our partners in Mountain Training and the climbing wall sector would have to apply for support individually under alternative (Tier 1) funding streams.

Voting closes at 1pm on Thursday 14th June.

Check your inbox for an email to make sure you can vote.

“I’m proud to represent and promote the BMC as an ambassador. They do a really good job of preserving our ability to climb at the cliffs we love. This job is becoming increasingly difficult as there are increasing numbers of climbers. Make sure you vote to help their work.” – BMC Ambassador Hazel Findlay.

Last year, we asked you how we could climb higher. Now we need your help to get there.

Amanda Parshall
Candidate for Independent Director

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AGM online proxy voting platform: update 04/06/18

The online proxy voting platform operated by Electoral Reform Services (ERS) on behalf of the BMC was amended last week to provide an option for members to vote against Items 9 (options for a new constitution) and 10.a.I (presidential election).

BMC members who had already voted were contacted by ERS on 1 June advising them of this amendment and providing an opportunity for them to recast their votes. The voting platform has been updated with the new information for all those who have not yet cast their votes.

Any abstentions will be disregarded in determining the outcome of the vote and, for the avoidance of doubt, abstentions will NOT be counted as votes against. In the case of Item 9, only votes explicitly cast in favour of either Option A or Option B and votes cast against (referred to as ‘Neither A or B’ on the voting form) will be included in the count; the same principle applies to Item 10.a.I.